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Put iPling’s social expansion
engine to work! Share your interests in real time and discover like-minded people nearby…
iPling's find & be found!

Your find & be found experience begins by creating one or more quick color profiles which describe yourself and what you’re looking for, just tags separated by commas that you can change on the go with your iPhone. As soon as you activate your color sets, you can begin exploring worlds of people that are close and relevant to you, and at the same time you’re giving others the opportunity to find you. When you come upon those you are curious to learn more about, you can send them anonymous SMS messages to explore real-life relationships without worrying about initially revealing anything other than your common interests.

Expanding your network with iPling is fun and safe. Your personal information, including cellular number, is kept strictly confidential. To avoid unwelcome encounters your location and that of others is only provided with a rough accuracy equivalent to a 10 minute walking radius.

Forget invites and friends lists and give iPling a try!

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