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iPling brings you mobile apps that instantly connect you to people nearby who share your interests.

About iPling:  

At iPling, we develop and market fun & easy-to-use mobile apps that harness the power and ubiquity of SMS messaging.

We are building both, high-end apps for smartphones as well as services that can be accessed by the mass market through virtually any mobile phone without the need of data connections and downloads. Our marketing folks are currently spending most of their time south of the border (in Mexico), with plans to launch a grass-roots marketing campaign in the US in the spring of 2013.

iPling's underlying mission is to provide real-time communication services that encourage people to speak up and to reach out (way beyond friends & family). As our founder often says - "You'll be surprised by all the amazing people nearby who can enrich your life".

Our services have been approved by, and are currently "live" with, 14 cellular carriers in the U.S. and Mexico, including AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint/Nextel, T-Mobile, Telcel & Movistar (Telefonica).

iPling was founded in January 2007 and operates out of offices in Mexico City and Chennai (India). For additional information send an email to or call 1(866) 637-9995 within the United States.

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An Internet revolution?

19 years after the first web browser, it is hard to find a sector not transformed in one way or another by the Internet. That is… in the developed world. As it turns out, in developing markets it's been business as usual for the fewer and well-established players. Take the classified ads industry as an example. Printed classifieds in the U.S. peaked in 2000 at $19.6 billion in revenues. By 2010, the industry was down to $6 billion. Companies like eBay, Craigslist and took the lion's share of the market in just 10 years (combined 2010 revenues of approx. $10 billion). In Mexico, on the other hand, classified ads have remained largely unchanged. A handful of publications, such as El Universal, Segunda Mano, and Reforma dominate the market and their revenues have remained stable. The vast majority of the population has never heard of eBay or (only 23% of households in Latin America have access to the web).

The case for mobile apps in the developing world…

Cellular phones are the disruptive platform that startups like iPling have been waiting for to successfully compete in the developing world. Cell phones are not only bringing the Internet for the first time to the mass market, but mobile apps also offer users many advantages over traditional services, like ease of access and location awareness.


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